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10 Ceding Ayu, Pantan Musara



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Winner: Dabov Specialty Coffee

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I am a Civil Servant in 2006 transferred to Central Aceh. Tasks at BPN often go in and out of the village giving counseling as well as handing out land certificates. Seeing that almost all of Gayo land is planted with coffee trees, my interest and desire to know about coffee cultivation arose. I received information from office friends that there is a very unique digayo coffee process and the results of the process are very delicious and it is for my own family consumption. In connection with my assignment, in every village I visit I always want to meet parents who know about the process and Alhamdulillah I got a lot of information about the process, it's called the DRY IVORY PROCESS (full wash process) and then I applied and developed this process (by my son Hedra Maulizar has developed it again so that currently there are 19 kinds of processes at our place). I started coffee gardening in 2008 by buying 1 hectare of coffee plantation in the village of Pantan Musara, the results of my garden collected several years and then in 2010 in July my coffee was included in an exhibition in South Sulawesi (brought by ZAINI), then from the exhibition in October 2010 In Bali, my coffee was included in the auction and it was called ATU LINTANG coffee. Thank God, ATU LINTANG coffee was ranked one (1) at an auction price of 10.5 US dollars, that was the starting point for us to move on to this Gayo coffee process.
Hope for the future by entering the world of coffee.
Indonesian coffee will be of higher quality and more global, then it will be able to provide employment for millennials in the future.

Rank: 10
Score: 87.85
Boxes: 8
Weight: 562.18
Variety: Ateng 40%, Typica 20%, Caturra 20%, P-88 20%
Process: Carbonic Maceration Honey
Region: Aceh

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