José Carlos Cepera

Fazenda São Paulo

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Tasting Notes Black currant, dark chocolate, hazelnut
Variety Arara (Organic)
Process Natural
Region Campo das Vertentes
Score 86.71
Farm Altitude (m) 1000-1150

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Producer: José Carlos Cepera
Farm name: Fazenda São Paulo
Description: Fruit and caramel flavors with dark chocolate and hazelnuts.

Fazenda São Paulo began its history in the early 1980s, forming an important agribusiness business group with an innovative and influential profile. Its production units are located in the cities of Oliveira and Riachinho, in Minas Gerais, totaling an area of more than 10,000 hectares. Its products are aimed at the national and international market. With a modern management system, diversification and capacity to generate employment and income, Fazenda São Paulo has a qualified workforce in all sectors. Altogether, the farm generates approximately 1,000 direct and permanent jobs. During the coffee harvest, another 300 temporary posts are created.

The farm's mission is to develop activities in agribusiness with excellence, aiming to offer high quality products for the domestic and foreign markets and satisfy the needs of the public at all levels and production channels. We hear more and more about sustainability and the demands that the producer must comply with in order to remain in the market with a quality product. Fazenda São Paulo has, as a principle, sought sustainability with efficient management, rational use of inputs and improvements in the production process. The production is aimed at environmental and social responsibility, with a guarantee of origin certified by two of the best and most requested certifications for coffee production in the world: the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified. These certifications are responsible for creating a transparent and open market for agricultural products. Such certifications brought to the São Paulo Farm's coffee growing a greater awareness of the environmental, social and economic issues of production, which enabled the creation of a sustainable production chain with good agricultural practices. Resources such as soil and water are preserved and production impacts reduced. All of this generates a significant improvement in the management and organization of the property.

Tasting Notes:
Black currant, dark chocolate, hazelnut
Arara (Organic)
Campo das Vertentes
Farm Altitude (m):