Felipe Lopes Gonçalves

Sítio Alto Da Serra

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Tasting Notes Dark cherry, chocolate, dried fruit
Variety Red Catuaí
Process Natural
Region Mantiqueira de Minas
Score 86.88
Farm Altitude (m) 1000-1200

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Producer: Felipe Lopes Gonçalves
Farm name: Sitio Alto da Serra
Description: Candy bar sweetness with chocolate, caramel, dark cherry and dried fruit. Long, silky finish.

Sitio Alto da Serra was acquired through an inheritance and is in its third generation. Felipe Lopes manages the property with his father Domiciano Paulo Gonçalves. His wife Thássia Fernandes and his mother Helenita Lopes Fernandes work in the administrative and financial side of managing the property. The farm is located in the renowned region of Mantiqueira de Minas in Natércia where 75% of the municipality is mountain, at an altitude of 1,100 to 1,300 m, at an average temperature of 23.5 degrees Celsius. The municipality's economy is based on the cultivation of coffee, which is mostly characterized by family farming.

Their work in the fields is 100% manual. Their perspective for the future is one of improvement, and they plan to invest in certifications, technology and people to improve quality, always seeking excellence. This coffee was harvested manually, dried in a suspended terrace and finished in a conventional cement terrace in the coffee plantation at 1,200m altitude. They preserve forests on their land, implement erosion prevention practices, and prevent river pollution. They manage the bush by mowing; since they are in a high altitude area, handling the bush correctly improves rainwater infiltration, contributing to the recharge of water sources. The soils in their origin have high levels of potassium, and they take care with its maintenance and preservation, as the soil composition significantly contributes to the aroma and quality of the drink. They use organic fertilizer according to soil analysis fertility levels, and they use leaf analysis to determine the required micro elements to maintain leaf nutrition. They do not use pesticides.

Varieties of coffee plants on the farm: Red Catuaí, Yellow Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Yellow Bourbon.
Coffee Planted Hectares: 5ha
Total Area: 7ha
Planting year: 2005, 2008, 2012
Flowering months: October
Harvest Months: July and August
Average Temperature: 23.5°C
Processing: Natural
Min altitude: 1,100m
Max altitude: 1,250m
Latitude: 22°05'47''S
Longitude: 45°32´23´´W
2016 - 2nd and 3rd Pedra Branca Carmocoffees Contest
2017 - 11th Best Cup - Carmocoffees and Coffee Imports
2018 - 26th Cup Of Excellence Naturals

Tasting Notes:
Dark cherry, chocolate, dried fruit
Red Catuaí
Mantiqueira de Minas
Farm Altitude (m):