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Elvis Vilhena Faleiros

Elvis Vilhena Faleiros

Producer: Elvis Vilhena Faleiros Farm name: Fazenda Nossa Senhora Das Graças Description: Complex spice and fruit with milk chocolate and cooked sugar.Fazenda Nossa Senhora das Graças is located in the municipality of Ibiraci, Minas...
Tasting Notes Milk chocolate, brown spice, tea
Variety Catucaí 2sl
Process Natural
Region Alta Mogiana
Score 87.46
Farm Altitude (m) 1080-1210
Janio Irineu De Miranda

Janio Irineu De Miranda

Producer: Jânio Irineu Miranda Farm name: Sítio Matinha Jânio Irineu Description: Intensely sweet with spiced notes, balanced out with hints of floral and dried fruit.Miranda's main objective is to produce specialty coffee, because it...
Tasting Notes Molasses, brown spice, dried fruit
Variety Catucaí
Process Pulped Natural
Region Matas de Minas
Score 87.69
Farm Altitude (m) 920-1170
Sueli Candida Da Silva

Sueli Candida Da Silva

Producer: Sueli Candida Da Silva Farm name: Sitio Santa RitaDescription: Brown sugar and chocolate candy forward with a hint of brown spice and red fruit.Sítio Santa Rita is a fifty year old farm passed down three generations to the granddaughter,...
Tasting Notes Brown sugar, Chocolate, Spice, Red Fruit
Variety Yellow Catucaí
Process Natural
Region Mantiqueira de Minas
Score 86.00
Farm Altitude (m) 1300-1400