André Luis Aguila Ribeiro

Fazenda Pai E Filho

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Tasting Notes Ripe fruit, caramel, fennel
Variety Catuaí 99
Process Natural
Region Alta Mogiana
Score 87.08
Farm Altitude (m) 1050-1090

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Producer: André Luis Aguila Ribeiro
Farm name: Fazenda Pai e Filho
Description: A sweet, caramel cup with ripe, floral fruit and citric acidity.

Andre's focus is on increasing the cupping scores of their coffees, working with choice varietals, as well as the entire harvest and post-harvest processes to achieve the best quality coffee.

In 2012, with the spread of specialty coffees in the region, André decided to lease an area of land to focus on specialty coffees. Since then, he has been in constant pursuit of quality, adding more value to their coffees, and participating in competitions.

They are achieving their goal, presenting the best coffees from their crop for competitions. The post-harvest processes are diligently overseen by André's wife Lilian Carrijo, where she takes care of the entire process in the mill, with daily monitoring. André was elected the best coffee taster in 2019 and also the producer with the best coffee produced in Brazil.

This coffee was selectively harvested in a mechanized harvester, slow dried on a patio, and rested for 30 days in large bags. 

Tasting Notes:
Ripe fruit, caramel, fennel
Catuaí 99
Alta Mogiana
Farm Altitude (m):