Auction Agreement for Discover Long Miles Burundi

Bidding Agreement/
Payment and Airfreighting Requirements for Long Miles Coffee 2022 and ACE Internet Auction

The Long Miles Coffee 2022 Internet Auction is approved by The Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Inc. (ACE) and Long Miles Coffee. If assistance is required immediately following the auction please contact: Jeff Northrup jeff@longmilescoffee.com Tina Goerish accounting@longmilescoffee.com  Darrin Daniel darrin@cupofexcellence.org Kathia Lopez kathia@cupofexcellence.org  

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions 

Your participation in this auction indicates your review and agreement to the following terms. Should you purchase any Long Miles 2022 Coffee lots at this auction you agree to the terms and conditions of purchase and airfreighting included in this agreement. Bidders should assess the value of each coffee based on quality in the cup and its appropriateness for their company. Farm information is for educational purposes only but can be used to help sell the winning coffees. Bidders should assess the value of each coffee based on quality in the cup and its appropriateness for their company. Farm information is for educational purposes only but can be used to help sell the winning coffees. 

Auction Opening Date and Times 

Auction will be open for bidding on December 22nd, at 9:00AM (New York). Your opening time may vary, please check based on 9:00am EDT (New York). The Auction will be open for bidding at:

  • 06:00 (Los Angeles)

  • 09:00 (New York)

  • 14:00 (London)

  • 15:00 (UTC Oslo/Amsterdam)

  • 17:00 (Moscow)

  • 18:00 (Dubai)

  • 22:00 (Hong Kong)

  • 23:00 (Tokyo/Seoul)

  • 01:00 (Melbourne/Sydney) (December 23)

Coffee Lots 

The coffees selected for the Long Miles 2022 auction were sourced from Long Miles Coffee company. Pricing for the lots are figured in USD dollars and cents per pound(lb.). A starting bid of $5.00 USD per pound (lb) for the lowest scoring lots and increasing to a starting bid of $6.00 USD per pound (lb) for highest scoring lots has been set by the Long Miles representatives from Long Miles Coffee. All opening bids on all lots must be at the starting price for the lot or at least $0.20 USD higher than the opening price per pound (lb) for the lot. Incremental bids must be at $0.20 USD per pound or greater.  

Bidding, Opening and Closing 

Lots will open on a sliding scale based on international jury scores awarded to the coffees. The bidding page will indicate “OPEN” until all lots have at least one bid after which a 3-minute countdown clock will begin. A bidder may place multiple or single bids on any or all lots during the open auction or during the 3-minute countdown clock. Each bid on any lot resets the clock to 3 minutes. A clock on the bidding page will indicate the time remaining for the auction. Once there are no more bids on any lot during the 3-minute time window the auction and all lots will close for bidding. A PENDING notification does not end the auction even though bidding may cease. No bid is final until the FINISHED notification appears. Once the auction software indicates FINISHED the highest bid wins the lot and all lots are closed for any additional bidding. At the conclusion of the auction, the buyer for the lot and the person responsible for payment and for airfreighting coordination will be the bidder placing the highest bid or auto bid for that lot. Should there be two identical auto bids the first auto bid placed wins the lot. 

Proxy and Auto Bids 

An auto-bid or proxy feature is available to any bidder wishing to allow the software to place their next highest bid. A bidder can place a high bid on any coffee lot using the auto-bid function. The software will then place a fifty cent higher bid above a competitive bid until the auto bid price is reached. The software will not place any higher auto-bid amount unless there is a competitive bid for that lot. Each Bidder will be able to view the current high bid for a Lot at any time during the Auction. Individual bids once accepted by the auction software, may not be revoked or withdrawn. However, you may cancel an auto-bid to prevent the system from placing further bids on your behalf.

Communication During and After Auction 

Each Bidder will log in using his/her confidential password. All bids will be identified during the auction with a bidding number not a company name. During the auction the software will communicate any outbids, any auction issues, notifications or final successful bids using the email address registered for that bidder. It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that the registered email is correct. Contact Mcultivo and ACE staff for verification if uncertain. 

Packing Information 

The Long Miles 2022 Coffee lots are packed in 30kg bricks in Ecotact bags and coffees will be airfreighted in boxes of 1 bricks each (30kg per box). Successful bidders will be charged approximately $4.80 USD per pound mandatory fee for packing & airfreight, in addition to the per pound cost of the auction price for each lot. Bidding calculations and packing/airfreight fee are based on actual pounds after milling and packing the coffees. The number of 30kg boxes as well as the weight in pounds will be shown. A broken seal on any package does not automatically warrant a claim or indicate a quality change.

Financial Responsibility for Payment 

The individual bidder placing the highest bid at the close of the auction is responsible for the financial payment to the exporter of the entire lot. The exporter may at their discretion approve multiple payments and multiple airfreighting instructions for a single lot the successful bidder must request the approval and submit all the airfreighting instructions within 7 days of the auction for the exporter to review and approve. If the exporter or the country partner denies the request for any reason the bidder will be held liable for the entire payment regardless of group purchase. If a lot is split and sent to more than one destination the buyer will be responsible for any additional costs associated with that export. 

It is required that the lead bidder in the auction collaborate with the exporter facilitating communication and expediting the payment process if any setbacks are encountered regarding payment or complications in communicating with other buyers from the group. 

Payment Requirements 

Full payment of the lot(s) and the packaging fee(s) is required prior to airfreight unless other requests are made in writing and approved in advance. 

Full payment is due within 30 (thirty) days after the close of the auction regardless of airfreight date or method. If payment is not made after 30 days, the exporter will have the right to nullify the sale agreement.


Company: Long Miles Coffee International Limited
Address: Level 3, Ebene House, Hotel Avenue 33, Cybercity, Ebene, 72201, Republic of Mauritius

Contact Name: Tina Goerish
Contact Number: 320.221.1576
Contact Email: accounting@longmilescoffee.com

Bank Account Information 

US DOLLAR (USD) ACCOUNT: 000442843763

ACCOUNT NAME: Long Miles Coffee International Limited

BANK: The Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd

BRANCH: Port Louis, Mauritius

IBAN: MU39MCBL0944000442843763000USD


Airfreighting Requirements 

Airfreight instructions are to be sent to Long Miles Coffee within 14 (fourteen) days of the close of the auction by the successful bidder or the bidder’s designated importer. Bidders can nominate any importer. 

All lots must be airfreighted within 60 days of the auction, given the exporting company has received all the needed paperwork to do so. No claim may be made to the exporter, farmer, Alliance for Coffee Excellence, or Long Miles Coffee on any lot 60 days after the auction. 

The Long Miles 2022 lots are airfreighted FOB, net weight and applicable fees from Burundi via courier, air freight or sea freight. The airfreighting cost and any applicable fees will be charged to the bidder. Lots will be airfreighted as per the instructions and at the cost of the successful bidder. Any changes that result in extra fees will be paid by the buyer. 


The Long Miles 2022 nominated exporter is: 

Company: SpoonDrift Company LTD

Address: Suite 308, St. James Court, St. Denis Str, Port Louis, Mauritius

Contact Name: Kathleen Tournel
Contact Number: +254 716 717 485

Email: kathleen@spoondriftconsulting.com

Copy to: Darrin Daniel darrin@cupofexcellence.org, Kathia Lopez kathia@cupofexcellence.org 

All buyers must contact the exporter, coordinators and ACE within 14 days of the close of the auction. 

Modification of this Agreement 

The Management of the ACE program have the right to modify this Agreement and any policies affecting the website. Any modification is effective immediately upon posting to the website or distribution via electronic mail. Your continued use of the auction or website following the notice of any modification shall be deemed your acceptance of the modification(s) 

Indemnification, Claims and Disclaimer 

Use of this internet auction and ACE website is at the bidder’s own risk. Bidders agrees not to hold the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Long Miles Coffee, the provider of software, internet services or telecommunications companies for any consequential, incidental and/or liquidated damages if any that may result from or is claimed to result from, the bidder’s participation in the auction. The winning coffees have been ranked and scored in blind cuppings. The winning farm and the specific coffee lot information is submitted by each farmer and is not known to the public until the winning coffees have been disclosed following the completion of cuppings held by the chosen panel. ACE assumes the farm information is correct and up to date but is not responsible should some information change before or after the auction. Bidders should assess the value of each coffee based on quality in the cup and its appropriateness for their company. Farm information is for educational purposes only but can be used to help sell the winning coffees. All quality claims must be made within 15 days of delivery as per the Green Coffee Association of NYC ruling but no claim can be made on any coffees airfreighted more than 45 days after the close of the auction. Should a claim arise, a neutral arbitration panel will be assembled to assess the claim. Bidding at this auction represents a contract to purchase the coffee. Should a Buyer default on payment legal remedies will be undertaken. 

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