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About us |

Why we started m cultivo

We love coffee and we want to make it better. 
We are coffee professionals and compassionate problem solvers with decades of experience in coffee and agricultural technology. We think the best way to improve coffee is to create a supply chain that actually works for farmers. Even as our daily lattes increase in price, the price paid to farmers for their crop is in steep decline. Farmers are routinely excluded from the information they need to stay in business. Their livelihoods are in jeopardy, and so is our favorite morning beverage. 

Our simple solution stands to correct decades of market inequality.
After years in the industry and hundreds of conversations with farmers and mill owners, we created m cultivo in service to coffee and to the millions of farmers who grow it. Our mission is born out of a deep love for the industry and a desire to see everyone in it flourish. 

Meet our team

David Paparelli

Founder & CEO

Andy Borgmann


Amanda Paparelli


LSE Generate Winner

2020 Michaelmas Term

LSE Generate supports students and alumni to build socially responsible businesses in the UK and beyond. Each year LSE Generate hosts two funding competitions for early-stage start ups. m cultivo was awarded the top funding from the 2020 Michaelmas term. 


We'd love to hear from you

2700 Paces Ferry Rd. SE #901 Atlanta, Georgia 30339

+1 678 404 9338